Friday, 14 December 2012

Review of... Benefit The POREfessional

Benefits POREfessional is a primer that also minimises the appearance of pores it’s a neutral colour and blends with your foundation to match your skin colour. There website is one of the most useful I have found. It claims to minimise pores and smooth the skin. It can be applied on top of or under make up and will help your foundation stay in place. The main thing I love about this product is the fact it contains Vitamin E derivative which protects the skin from free radicals. It's translucent and oil-free which means you can hardly tell its still there.

Benefit products are a little on the expensive side so I do suggest doing some research before purchasing but if the product sounds good you can always go into Boots, Debenhams, or elsewhere and they usually have a counter that you can test the products (or have one of the lovely ladies help give you a make-over.) Now there are a lot of products available on the website



My Personal Experience

Now I am a fan of Benefit but I have to admit I only brought this product out of guilt (and pressure) I was having my make up done by one of their representatives and at the end she asked the dreaded question "so can I interest you in any of our products" now after this free makeover I had to by something and I do have noticeable pores on my nose and chin so I thought why not. Now I will admit it does not completely make your pores disappeared but it does reduce them and it does make your skin feel so soft it’s unbelievable. Overall I do like this product but if you’re looking for miracles it probably won’t be here however if you’re looking for a nice primer I would suggest this (after some own research.)

Review of... Cliniques take the day off make up remover

Clinique's take the day off make up remover is the 2011 make up remover winner (SHE magazine Beauty awards) is for "lids, lashes and lips" Clinique's website allows little information about the product but does say that it loosens the grip that some make up prides itself on. It also says that it has a unique two-way formula but provides little information on this only saying it loosens and gets rid of unwanted make up.

Clinique are known for their fragrance free and for being allergy tested although they are kind of pricey in comparison to others on the market there product do just the job and you do get what you pay for. Clinique products are available in boots and some department stores however what’s different about them is that they do have their own shops placed around the place however if you are unable to go to these you can order online at



My Personal Experience

Now I started using this product not that long ago and to start with I really disliked it I found it oily and it left a layer on my skin however when I actually read the directions of use I learnt that you had to shake it before use and I have to admit when I did this I found that I wasn’t left with any problems in fact I found it wonderful it did everything it said and if I’m honest it is now my personal favourite. I would recommend it to anyone and you only have to use such a small amount per day it’s more like an investment. It not only leaves your skin clean but fresh and revived.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Review of... Volum' Express the Colossal Mascara

Maybelline New York’s "Volum' Express the Colossal" Mascara says that it creates 7X the volume instantly as it creates "Colossal Lashes in just one coat!" Maybelline’s website doesn’t offer a lot of information about the product however it does say that it’s waterproof but also available in a washable formula and is even safe to use with contact lenses. The website gives instructions for best result and this is to sweep the brush from root to tip. And although it claims that you only need one coat it does say "do not let dry between coats" obviously this is for (most) people who do in fact put on more than just the one coat.

Maybelline New York has a wide range of make-up products and even a variety of different mascaras each designed to do different things from waterproof to washable, volumizing to added curl. They also do a whole range of make-up products all of which are available in local supermarkets, Boots, Superdrug ect. however to browse products have a look at the website this will give a short but useful information about each product, however the UK version doesn’t allow to buy the products online but the U.S version does.



My Personal Experience

Now I use this Mascara almost every day and usually only put two or three coats and only very little on my bottom eyelashes as this is extremely pigmented so too much does make you look like you have spider eyelashes. I also like this as it is extremely waterproof however does come off easily with a makeup remover (or a lot of scrubbing.) Although it doesn’t claim to be smudge proof I personally find that it hardly moves if you rub your eyes and unlike some other mascaras I have used in the past this lasts all day and doesn’t create little black flakes under your eyes.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Review of... Total Effects Touch of Foundation BB Day Moisturiser

Olays BB cream is a "7-in1 anti-ageing moisturiser formula to fight 7 signs of ageing." Now a BB cream is meant to help hide and/or fight any blemishes you may have. This Cream also hint of foundation, available in medium or fair, and even an UVA protection (SPF 15) to protect your skin from sun damage. Olays website,, doesnt give much infomation about the product. The products claim to fight the seven signs of ageing which are:
1) Lines and Wrinkles
2) Rough Skin Texture
3) Dullness of Skin's Appearance
4) Larger appearance of Pores
5) Blotchiness
6) Dry Skin
7) Age Spots

Olay have a range of 'total effects' products including a facial cleanser and a face wash, total effects eye which gets rid of lines around the eyes and even have a moisturiser for sensitive skin and a night product to use alongside the day cream. However as you may know Olay also have a wide variety of products not just from the total effects range. The Olay BB cream is avalable from Boots, Tesco and even online:



My Personal Experience
I have used this BB cream in the past but have resently stopped. However i tryed using this cream at the beginning of my day as intended but found that my skin didnt absorbe the cream very well meaning when i went to put on my daily make-up it would smuge and clump, soo then started wearing it to bed which i found worked better for me. Now i understand that im not the target market for this product as i am only a teenager rather than the more mature woman however i do suffer from dry skin and large pores and i found that this product actually didnt do much for my pores but helped a lot for dry skin. One warning about this product is dont put it too close to your eyes as it will make you cry other than that its an ok product

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Review of... Carmex

Carmex "Moisturising Lip Balm" that claims to restore moisture lost in day to day life such as from the cold, dry wind. The website explains that each ingredient helps to either sooth or restore. It not only restores dry lips but also kills germs and even helps with cold sores.Another thing I personally like about Carmex is the fact that they DO NOT test on animals and they are even TSA-approved meaning they can be carried on airplanes (although i would do more research into this first) and the company itself is still family run even though they have become very popular in recent times.

Carmex also have a whole range of products including healing lotions and creams, a whole range of lip products including a brand new lip balm with a hint of tint. Although I have only ever used the lip balms because of the results I would not hesitate to buy any of their other products. I personally brought mine from my local supermarket however it's also available from Boots, Superdrug ect. and if you are interested in buying it but don't know were it's sold here are the links:

In the U.S
Other countries

My Personal Experience
I have been using Carmex for quite a while now and absolutely love it. Now I get very sore lips due to licking them so this product is wonderful you put it on and the first thing it does is tingles and to me this let me know it was working it instantly soothed my lips and stopped any pain. I personally have the original stick (pictured above) but have also used the cherry stick in the past. I personally prefer the original as it just feels like it's working better and the flavours are too sweet for my liking.