Friday, 14 December 2012

Review of... Benefit The POREfessional

Benefits POREfessional is a primer that also minimises the appearance of pores it’s a neutral colour and blends with your foundation to match your skin colour. There website is one of the most useful I have found. It claims to minimise pores and smooth the skin. It can be applied on top of or under make up and will help your foundation stay in place. The main thing I love about this product is the fact it contains Vitamin E derivative which protects the skin from free radicals. It's translucent and oil-free which means you can hardly tell its still there.

Benefit products are a little on the expensive side so I do suggest doing some research before purchasing but if the product sounds good you can always go into Boots, Debenhams, or elsewhere and they usually have a counter that you can test the products (or have one of the lovely ladies help give you a make-over.) Now there are a lot of products available on the website



My Personal Experience

Now I am a fan of Benefit but I have to admit I only brought this product out of guilt (and pressure) I was having my make up done by one of their representatives and at the end she asked the dreaded question "so can I interest you in any of our products" now after this free makeover I had to by something and I do have noticeable pores on my nose and chin so I thought why not. Now I will admit it does not completely make your pores disappeared but it does reduce them and it does make your skin feel so soft it’s unbelievable. Overall I do like this product but if you’re looking for miracles it probably won’t be here however if you’re looking for a nice primer I would suggest this (after some own research.)

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