Sunday, 21 October 2012

Review of... Carmex

Carmex "Moisturising Lip Balm" that claims to restore moisture lost in day to day life such as from the cold, dry wind. The website explains that each ingredient helps to either sooth or restore. It not only restores dry lips but also kills germs and even helps with cold sores.Another thing I personally like about Carmex is the fact that they DO NOT test on animals and they are even TSA-approved meaning they can be carried on airplanes (although i would do more research into this first) and the company itself is still family run even though they have become very popular in recent times.

Carmex also have a whole range of products including healing lotions and creams, a whole range of lip products including a brand new lip balm with a hint of tint. Although I have only ever used the lip balms because of the results I would not hesitate to buy any of their other products. I personally brought mine from my local supermarket however it's also available from Boots, Superdrug ect. and if you are interested in buying it but don't know were it's sold here are the links:

In the U.S
Other countries

My Personal Experience
I have been using Carmex for quite a while now and absolutely love it. Now I get very sore lips due to licking them so this product is wonderful you put it on and the first thing it does is tingles and to me this let me know it was working it instantly soothed my lips and stopped any pain. I personally have the original stick (pictured above) but have also used the cherry stick in the past. I personally prefer the original as it just feels like it's working better and the flavours are too sweet for my liking.

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