Friday, 11 January 2013

Review of... Max Factor Lipfinity

Max factor Lipfinity lasting lip tint claims to give an "intense pigment" however it remains lightweight and easy on the lips. Its non-sticky formula is said to be "kissable" this means that you can eat, wipe and yes kiss without the colour fading. The website offers a brief description of the product and how make-up artist recommend it. Max factor is a well know brand name and in recent times many lip tints have become available on the market but what I really like about it is the fact the price is actually relatively cheep.

Max factor sells so many products that I can’t even begin to mention them but sticking with their lip products their newest product is there Flipstick which I haven’t had the opportunity to try but I have to admit it does look so good. It has two shades that means two for the price of one. It can be brought online. However the product I have I brought from a local supermarket and if I’m honest you girls know where you can buy Max factor products but if you don’t the answer is pretty much anywhere including online.


Lipfinity lip tint:

My Personal Experience

I have owned this product for a few months now and to tell the truth I wasn’t a fan to start with as it was an impulse buy made on a day of a relaxing shopping trip. after a while I did wear it and yes I wore it every now and again but I felt that the formula dried out my lips so I had to wear it with a lip balm which made it stick and not nice. however I do love the colour and since I have now finished mine I went to see if they had the colour again but it seems they don’t do the colour anymore it says its 05 but that is now marshmallow and my doesn’t have a name so it’s never to be found. But hey because of the price I recommend trying it but if like me you have sensitive lips I wouldn't recommend it.