Friday, 14 December 2012

Review of... Cliniques take the day off make up remover

Clinique's take the day off make up remover is the 2011 make up remover winner (SHE magazine Beauty awards) is for "lids, lashes and lips" Clinique's website allows little information about the product but does say that it loosens the grip that some make up prides itself on. It also says that it has a unique two-way formula but provides little information on this only saying it loosens and gets rid of unwanted make up.

Clinique are known for their fragrance free and for being allergy tested although they are kind of pricey in comparison to others on the market there product do just the job and you do get what you pay for. Clinique products are available in boots and some department stores however what’s different about them is that they do have their own shops placed around the place however if you are unable to go to these you can order online at



My Personal Experience

Now I started using this product not that long ago and to start with I really disliked it I found it oily and it left a layer on my skin however when I actually read the directions of use I learnt that you had to shake it before use and I have to admit when I did this I found that I wasn’t left with any problems in fact I found it wonderful it did everything it said and if I’m honest it is now my personal favourite. I would recommend it to anyone and you only have to use such a small amount per day it’s more like an investment. It not only leaves your skin clean but fresh and revived.

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